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The Differences Are Stark Which Makes the Choice Clear.

If you want leadership that is funded by and/or works with developers, supports trading away historic parkland and commercializing our open spaces, votes against the public safety of neighborhoods, ignores the property rights of citizens, promotes profiting off parks versus protecting them, sells out our constitutional right to appeal government on land use decisions, or leaves a loaded Glock unattended in a public restroom of the state capitol, then Bill Wysong isn't your choice. If you want leadership that has a proven track record—not just promises on text ads or direct mail pieces—of fighting for the public safety and property rights of citizens, Bill Wysong is the only candidate who can make that claim.  Don't take our word for it, see for yourself below ranked by who has the most developer donations.

Don Wilson

One of Bill's primary motivations for running was watching, in shock, Don Wilson lobby for and vote to take away our constitutional rights to appeal local land use decisions in the most recent legislative session passing HB24-1107.  Bill disliked it so much he decided to take action.  In addition to running for County Commissioner District 3, Bill is also leading a statewide effort of neighborhoods filing a lawsuit in federal court to regain our constitutional rights to appeal local government.  Of note, even Don's example he gave when he testified would not apply as it is not residential.  This bill was backed by the developers with one of the state's most powerful lobbiest for whom Don worked.  Judging from Don's campaign donations, it seems to have paid of nicely. 

In case you missed it, Don also left a loaded Glock pistol unattended in the public restroom at the state capitol.  It's probably not a good idea for him to be managing over half a billion dollar budget of taxpayer money.

David Leinweber

In a close second place for developer donations, is David Leinweber who just ran for City Council last year and had only been in office 6 months when he decided to run for County Commissioner.  The Gazette recently reported that the developers have poured in $51,450 for County Commissioner races District 2, 3 and 4.  The County has also hired the same firm that did ReToolCOS, basically rezoning the entire land use code, to do the same for the county which is another reason I want to be there to stop citizens from losing their rights.  In the 2023 municipal race Dave was also heavily funded by developers and a Dark Money group called "Citizens for Responsible" leadership poured in money to do expensive direct mail pieces for his campaign.  He was also endorsed by the HBA and PPAR.  While he portrays himself as the Outdoorsman, which he clearly is, make no mistake he is profiting from the Outdoor nonprofit alliance for which his wife is the Executive Director.  In fact, in one of his first City Council meetings, David argued their outdoor group is not getting enough grant money from LART while the Arts groups do.  Let's be clear, there's a difference between giving grants to acquire, preserve and protect parkland versus profit from it.  Bill Wysong has lobbied many times to make developers donate land for parks versus pay in lieu of as we are grossly "under parked" as Bill calls it.  Bill also opposed the trade of the historic Strawberry Fields in North Cheyenne Canon Park to the Broadmoor and opposes commercializing Blodgett with bike parks and paragliding. 

David Leinweber supported the trade of Strawberry Fields to the Broadmoor, his client, AND, in the 6/11/2024 City Council meeting, he voted to approve the commercialization of Blodgett Open Space mocking citizens' concerns about the Big Horn Sheep and over-use of the parkland. 

Bill opposes 400 feet skyscrapers downtown.  David calls it "vibrancy".  David thinks block parties solve mental illness. Bill thinks it's a serious issue that requires intervention by trained medical professionals in healthcare settings.

Developer allegiances and self-interest aside, David's votes against his constituents' public safety, and his own words are really the most striking difference.  Take a look.

Don Wilson signs in front of the HBA, Home Builders Association

Working hard for the money:

So, if you want someone who works hard for developers, sells out your constitutional rights and leaves loaded guns unattended in public restrooms, Don is your guy.

Brandy Williams

In addition to 26% of Brandy's donations coming from developers, she also works for a developer which, in essence, makes her 100% developer-funded.  In one of her recent text ads she claimed growth is inevitable, but she will listen to your concerns though she is clearly pro growth as that is, in fact, business.  First, the most recent census report showed RECORD LOW GROWTH across the entire state of Colorado with El Paso County experience a historic low of 3,350 people.  While the developers want to continue to push this narrative of uncontrollable growth the truth is:

1.  Two demographic trends, the baby-boomers hitting mortality age (a long-tail demographic trend) and the historic low fertility rate of 1.48 (6th lowest in the nation) makes unbridled population growth extremely unlikely.  To hit the infamous 1,000,000 people by 2045, El Paso County would have to grow, (looking at it linearly), 6,397 persons per year, consistently, for the next 21 years.  That would nearly double the most recent growth -- and, again, consistently every year for 21 years.  Given the downward trends in population growth with fertility rates not hitting replacement value of 2.1, this is a dubious claim, at best.  It's alarming that any leader would adopt such aggressive growth projections amid clear demographic trends which are showing declines in population growth.

2.  If she was really concerned about unbridled growth, she would say so.  Leadership that claims they listen to the people and votes against our interests and public safety, in spite of legitimate concerns like wildfire evacuation or decimating our parks and wildlife is what we have today.  

Listen to their words.  People generally tell you who they are.  We don't need any more listening and voting against our interests.  We need leadership that will represent and vote the will of the people.


Bill Wysong has a proven track record of protecting neighborhoods, advocating for parkland, and limiting building heights. Unlike Brandy, Bill has pledged to take ZERO donations from developers. He is committed to putting citizens' rights first and safeguarding our communities.

Support Bill Wysong for El Paso County—a leader who truly represents the people.

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