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My Zen Garden

My fascination with Zen gardening began as a teenager during a memorable trip to Japan with my Boy Scouts troop. This experience introduced me to a tradition of serenity and meticulous care, principles that I've carried with me ever since.  Over the years, I have dedicated myself to creating a Zen garden in my own backyard—a testament to the balance and peace that can be achieved through careful, personal effort.


This garden is not just about beauty; it represents a commitment to traditional values and individual responsibility.

In this garden, different elements of nature coexist harmoniously, each piece placed with intention and thoughtfulness. It's a space where one can find peace and solace, reflecting on the simplicity and stability that we strive for in our community.


As your County Commissioner, I will apply these principles to our local governance. By encouraging personal responsibility and preserving our cultural traditions, we can enhance the quality of life for all our residents.


Together, let's cultivate a community that values stability, tradition, and natural beauty. Let's bring the principles of Zen—not just in gardens, but in our approaches to development and community engagement.

Zen garden fountain
Zen garden pagoda
Zen garden Buddha
Zen garden plants and light at night
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